GattaCo has developed a patented technology for blood fractionation, and plasma separation at the point of care without the need for a centrifuge or any moving parts.

This method enables the streamlining of sample preparation with minimum background and low interference. Analysis of biological specimens, including blood, urine, saliva and others, all require extensive sample pre-processing before a purified sample is delivered to a downstream analysis system.


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This pre-analytical sample processing is a necessary component of all rigorous, high quality and sensitive testing, from high-throughput automated analysis to point-of-care diagnostics.

The quality of pre-analytical sample collection and processing has a direct impact on the accuracy of results and on the total sample processing burden or workflow experienced within a clinical lab. For example, blood collection devices and tubes are a major source of pre-analytical interference in test results, most sample fractionation methods are dependent on centrifugation thus increasing workflow time and introducing sources of operator error, and pre-analytical devices are poorly optimized for collection of specific sample fractions of interest, such as plasma, cell free DNA, or circulating tumor cells from whole blood.

We call Capillary Pressure Re-Set, or CPR™ for short. CPR Technology was initially developed for blood fractionation, but is also applicable to many other samples types. CPR Technology eliminates the high initial pressure constraint of filtration membranes thus enabling ‘No Moving Parts’ sample fractionation at the point of sample collection. Specifically CPR eliminates the need of a centrifuge or other external mechanical manipulation to isolate plasma and other fractions from whole blood. This enables plasma isolation at the time of collection, improves specimen stability and preservation during shipping, enables microliter amounts of blood fractionation, reduces the need for hands-on manipulation or skilled labor, minimizes the opportunity for introduction of error and contamination, minimizes cell lysis and hemolysis, and enables immediate diagnostic testing. One case study that can show an example of how the Sipon improves workflow, help doctors decision, and reduce cost of health care is: We consider blood based test for hormonal imbalance currently requires two doctors visit, a visit to the blood collection center, and wait for the sample results to be communicated back to the doctor. If using the Sipon, the sample can be collected, tested, and results communicated to the doctor on the same day. This is estimated to reduce more than a week of waiting time, and reduce $500 in testing and doctors visit.


From our own experience and discussions with market leaders we have learned of 3 critical needs that are not being addressed adequately by existing product developers

To respond to these needs, GattaCo has developed a new, patented sample


Sample fractionation methods, specifically for blood, need to be streamlined to better accommodate current and future clinical testing workflows;


New biomarker capture and detection technologies require higher quality samples with less interference


Rapid and point-of-care diagnostics require simpler sample processing solutions and should not be dependent on any specific infrastructure