Say YES  to Point of Need Testing with...

pon™  the Simplified Centrifuge Replacement Tool

The Only Fully Automatic, Disposable, High-Yield and Rapid Plasma Separation and Metering Tool Ever Developed


· Phlebotomist

· Pipette

· Clinical Lab Tech

· Centrifuge or

· Vacutainer®

needed! *

*venous blood recommended for input volumes greater than 75μL

Just Add Blood and Dispense Plasma.

 pon 15:75:65%                                pon 50:250:65%

·15μL Plasma Output                                   ·50μL Plasma Output   

in under 5 minutes                                      in under 10 minutes

     ·75μL Whole Blood with                               ·250μL Whole Blood with  

  Anticoagulant Input                                     Anticoagulant Input   

              and ≤65% Hematocrit                                 and ≤65% Hematocrit           

                                    ·Limited numbers available soon.            ·Available now through the                            

                                                                            pon Early Access Program  

                                                                                                                     (Sípon EAP) More available                                            

                                                                                                      in 4Q18      

The technology behind the simple design-

GattaCo has developed a new technology, which we call Cap-ResetTM for Capillary Pressure Re-Set, that automatically eliminates the breakthrough pressure requirement of filtration membranes.

This allows the plasma to be rapidy separated, collected and metered to a precise volume all using passive capillary forces only.

There are no moving parts and no operation or step is required of the user other than to add blood and dispense plasma.

The gray circular bulb seen in the photo above is for dispensing the plasma only, and is not involved in the separation or collection process.

Two minute video of Michael McNeely, Ph.D. explaining the value of the Sípon:

2min Sipon video- YouTube 

Click on Image to re-direct to YouTube video. Alternative video site: YouKu

Contact us at to see if you qualify for a free sample.

For more information about the Sípon EAP, and for detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) please click here.

Page summarizing non-proprietary Sípon Validation Data coming soon!


Also Introducing....the Pipa™-Q

(Pipa for Passive Plasma Panel, Q for quad or 4 channels/wells)

Similar to the Sípon, but instead of collecting plasma for dispensing, the plasma is automatically delivered to downstream analysis chambers.

The Pipa represents a simple design where GattaCo's Cap-Reset plasma separation technology can be integrated into a more complex assay platform

to simplify the sample preparation steps needed for the analysis/detection of plasma-based biomarkers.

The Pipa-Q will be available as a demonstration tool in 4Q18, but you can Contact Us now if you would like to discuss

how Cap-Reset technology can be used to simplify your assay design.


The GattaCo Team

Michael McNeely, Ph.D.                                                                                  Mahmoud Zubaidi            


Michael is GattaCo’s President and Chief Executive Officer.                                                 Mahmoud is GattaCo’s Chief Science Officer. Formerly a senior

   Previous to founding GattaCo, Michael was the President/CEO of                                         Research Scientist and Technology Development Lead for Merck

    BioMicro Systems, Inc., a successful life science tools company                                           Millipore, Mahmoud has been involved in numerous collaboration

which he grew from one to over 20 personnel. While at BioMicro,                                        projects between Merck and external clients to support new    

     Michael led the development of revolutionary products, from                                               product development efforts in the areas of molecular diagnostics,

concept inception to international sales. BioMicro was sold to                                               immuno-diagnostic and blood testing. At GattaCo Mahmoud is

Roche Diagnostics in 2010. Michael has also worked as an                                                  responsible for leading our collaboration activities that include

International Business and Technology Development Consultant                                          application specific customization and optimization of existing

based in Singapore where he assisted medical device, diagnostic                                          GattaCo technologies and new product development efforts.   

     and life science companies expand their distribution channels in the                                     Mahmoud received an M.S. Degree in Microbiology and Molecular

Asia Pacific region. Michael leads GattaCo’s corporate growth and                                         Cell Sciences from the University of Memphis.                       

business development efforts. Michael received a Ph.D. degree in                                                    

Bioengineering from the University of Utah.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



NOTE: The Sípon Early Access Program is for evaluation and validation of the Sípon only. The Sípon has not yet been cleared for use in actual clinical diagnostics in any regulatory jurisdiction. For Research Use Only.


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