Novel Technology For Blood Component Separation At the Point of Need


No Moving Parts Centrifuge Replacement Technology

GattaCo Inc. is a young Southern California startup company that develops solutions for the life science and medical industry.

GattaCo’s mission is to enable next generation diagnostics and simplified sample collection and processing. We do this by leveraging our patented Capillary Pressure Re-Set (or Cap-Reset™) Technology to create novel products and solutions for our partners.

The Technology

Rapid & High Quality Sample Purification

Simple and Cost Effective

Unique & Patented Cap-Reset™ Technology That Enables Next Generation Testing
Cap-Reset fundamentally alters the physics associated with membrane-based filtration and sample purification

Technolgy: Cap-Reset™

Product: The Sipon

GattaCo’s Cap-Reset™ Technology Breakthrough

Cap-Reset™ Technology eliminates the initial high-pressure constraint on membrane filters and enables:

  1. Automatic sample purification based on Cap-Reset and passive capillary forces only
  2. Easier & better purification and fractionation of biological samples
  3. Affordable, cost effective and versatile sample prep solutions

Validation Testing Summary

Ongoing validation testing* of the SíPON is yielding very positive results to date, including…
  • No to Low Hemolysis and No Cells seen in collected plasma
  • Favorable comparison to centrifrugation for blood chemistry testing
  • Positive confirmation of improved hormonal testing results
  • Confirmation of high efficiency passage of plasma proteins and cfDNA
  • Dispensed volume repeatability +/- 5%
  • Improved sensitivity compared to whole blood for Paracetamol testing
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